What Makes an Optimal Amazon A+ Content That Boosts Sales

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Amazon A+ content is one of the things that sellers should not undermine. It is a tool that if used optimally, can increase conversion rate and boost sales.

Before we discuss optimizing Amazon A+ content, let us first review some of the notable benefits it offers to sellers.

  • Can modify product descriptions with creative images and various text placements
  • Can showcase and present product features that might not be included in the bullet points
  • Provides a way to display additional lifestyles images of products
  • Provides means to freely advertise other products you offer

EBC makes a difference in the conversion rate

Steven Pope, My Amazon Guy’s founder and CEO, has stated numerous times just how useful Enhanced Brand Content or A+ content is. In this video below, he explained how A+ is instrumental in standing out from the competition.

Anatomy of an optimal Amazon A+ Content

Do not be satisfied with the optimized title and bullet points in your listing. Give it a further boost by replacing the boring product description with a creatively and cleverly designed A+.

So what makes up Amazon A+ content that can increase your sales?

Should take up as much space as possible

Use large images in your A+. This way, you can take up more space on the listing page and reduce the space for your competitors’ sponsored products.

Amazon A+ Content 2

Aside from A+, you should also consider adding a brand story to dominate the space in your listing page.

What Images can you add?

Remember that Amazon A+ content provides you with the opportunity to showcase your product and show every facet that makes it different from the competition.

You can add more lifestyle images, photos of its ingredients, your manufacturing facility, gift ideas, and a lot more.

Contains Compelling, Keyword-Optimized Copy

Amazon A+ Content 3

In our sample image above, notice the areas in the A+ that are populated with texts. These are the crawl or crawlable text.

You might have seen an A+ consisting only of images with overlay. Using such A+ content would be a waste of critical SEO opportunities.

Crawl text is key to indexing and ranking. Therefore, when designing your Amazon A+ content, you should choose captivating images and add descriptive copy that contains high search keywords.

Here at My Amazon Guy, we offer a variety of professional services like Keyword Research, Listing Optimization Enhanced Brand Content A+.

We research high search volume keywords for a particular product and insert those keywords in the product’s title and bullet points. Keywords that were not used here are added in the A+ crawl text.

Maximizes Amazon SEO Opportunities

An Amazon A+ content that maximizes every SEO opportunity is one whose images have 100 characters of alt text.

Amazon A+ Content 4

Additionally, insert as many keywords as possible in the copy by creating a maximum of 500 words of crawlable text.

Contains no prohibited images and words

Be as creative as possible when creating your Amazon A+ content, but do not get too carried away that you’ll forget Amazon guidelines.

Your A+ should not contain any image that shows nudity and prohi