Improve CTR Like a Pro: How to Optimize Main Image and Grow Amazon Sales

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It is crucial for any Amazon seller to improve CTR. Click-through rate or CTR is a metric that directly impacts advertising performance and overall sales. A higher CTR indicates that more people are clicking on your ads after seeing them, which means your ads are more relevant and engaging to the audience.


There are many ways for increasing CTR, and one of the most effective is image optimization. Watch this video below where John Aspinall, a Senior Account Executive here at My Amazon Guy, shows how optimizing your listing images will result in a boost in your click-through rates.

Amazon Catfishing with Hero Index Images

Amazon has been engaging in a practice called “catfishing” where they manipulate their main index images to entice customers. An example is a Starbucks K-Cup product on Amazon, where the hero index image shows a 96-count box, but the secondary image reveals that it’s actually four boxes of 24 counts. 

Amazon understands the power of a compelling hero image to improve click-through rates and enhance the customer experience. While this catfishing strategy may seem deceptive, it is aimed at captivating customers and delivering a more engaging shopping experience.

Starbucks K-Cup CTR 1
Starbucks K-Cup CTR 2

Optimized Hero Images for the Holidays and Ordinary Days

 It’s crucial to address the often neglected “hero image” on product listings, holiday or not. Many sellers overlook the importance of updating and optimizing this image, instead relying on outdated visuals that fail to drive click-through rates. 

Holidays are highly active shopping events on Amazon, requiring sellers to showcase their products in the best possible light. Neglecting the hero image is akin to hiding your brand’s potential. 

Why Brands Should Prioritize Their CTR

Every brand should prioritize their click-through rate (CTR) on Amazon for several compelling reasons. Firstly, a higher CTR means more customers adding products to their carts, increasing the likelihood of a purchase. 

More sales directly result in higher total gross revenue, as each transaction contributes to the overall financial performance. Ultimately, increased gross revenue leads to higher total net profits, benefiting the brand’s bottom line. 

By focusing on improving CTR, brands can drive customer engagement, boost sales, and ultimately maximize their profitability on the Amazon platform.

Measuring CTR

Mastering the Click-Through Rate (CTR) game can turbocharge your Amazon business, as it is the pulse of your Amazon presence and informs the algorithm that your listing deserves attention. A healthy CTR is typically above 0.3%, but aiming higher increases your chances of making a sale. 

Measuring CTR is simple: go to Campaign Manager, check the ‘CTR’ column, and calculate it by dividing clicks by impressions. To improve CTR, optimize your product title with clear, concise language and relevant keywords. 

High-quality images showcasing the product in use, along with highlighting benefits in bullet points, attract customers. Utilize A+ Content to tell your brand story and build trust. Experiment with different ad placements and conduct split tests to find the most effective strategies. 

CTR is not just a metric; it gauges customer interest and signals relevance to Amazon. More clicks mean greater recognition by the platform. Below is a Linkedin Post from John, which can help you understand CTR calculation better.

Improve CTR Through Main Image Optimization

When it comes to selling on Amazon, your main image plays a crucial role in capturing customers’ attention and enhancing their overall experience. You can go beyond the ordinary and employ unconventional strategies to create a captivating main image that not only boosts your click-through rate (CTR) but also leaves a lasting impression.

Stand Out In The Competition With Main Image Strategies

In a competitive marketplace, your main image has mere seconds to stand out among the crowd. Consider using unconventional angles, props, or even injecting humor that aligns with your brand to pique curiosity and grab shoppers’ attention. 

Instead of solely showcasing your product, aim to evoke emotions in your audience. Craft a main image that speaks to their desires, aspirations, or pain points. Incorporate visual cues, lifestyle imagery, or relatable situations that create a connection beyond a simple transaction. When customers see themselves reflected in your main image, they are more likely to click that coveted “Add to Cart” button. By employing these strategies, you can create a compelling main image that sets your brand apart and entices customers to engage with and purchase your products.

Add A Visual Impact To Your Listing

Your main image serves as a powerful representation of your product’s value proposition. Instead of overwhelming customers with lengthy descriptions or buzzwords, let your image speak for itself. 

Use visual storytelling techniques to showcase the key features, benefits, or unique selling points of your product. Remember, the power of a picture is immense, so make every pixel count in conveying your message effectively. While Amazon has specific guidelines for main images, there exists a gray area where certain unconventional tactics can enhance the customer experience without violating any rules. It’s important to be aware of Amazon’s Terms of Service (TOS), but don’t be afraid to explore creative elements that can set your product apart. Sometimes, taking the less-traveled path can lead to remarkable and rewarding outcomes.

Level Up Your Main Image Game

If you’re ready to take your main image game on Amazon to the next level, here are some practical tips you can implement right away:


  • Conduct thorough market research: Understand your target audience’s preferences and pain points to tailor your main image accordingly.


  • Experiment with visual elements: Try different angles, compositions, and visual techniques to create an eye-catching main image that stands out from the competition.


  • Incorporate lifestyle imagery: Use visuals that resonate with your customers’ aspirations and desires, allowing them to envision themselves benefiting from your product.


  • Craft a compelling story: Showcase the value and benefits of your product through a concise and impactful narrative that can be understood at a glance.


  • Test and analyze performance: Continuously monitor and analyze the performance of your main image, experimenting with variations to identify what resonates best with your target audience.


  • Stay updated with Amazon’s guidelines: Ensure compliance with Amazon’s guidelines while pushing the boundaries creatively. Familiarize yourself with the rules to make informed decisions.


Merchandising your main image effectively on Amazon can significantly enhance customer engagement, increase CTR, and ultimately delight your customers. By thinking creatively, evoking emotions, and navigating Amazon’s TOS gray area wisely, you can create a main image that captivates and converts shoppers.

Main Image Best Practices to Improve CTR

Improve CTR - Add Crucial Details to Main Image

When it comes to Levels 100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein, the current product image is missing some crucial details. While it’s great that the protein is sourced from grass-fed cows, there are other elements that should be highlighted to entice customers. The image should:

  • showcase the chocolate flavor, 
  • emphasize the pride of being made in the USA
  • and provide information about the servings per container. 


These are the small but important details that can make a significant difference in attracting customers. Merchandising is about more than just presenting the obvious; it’s about strategic storytelling that connects with the customer on a deeper level. 

By keeping it real, relevant, and engaging, brands can create a compelling main image that stands out and resonates with potential buyers.

Improve CTR - Main Image should provide clear context

The moral of the story is to never underestimate the power of clarity and transparency. By providing clear information, you can significantly improve both your CTR and conversions on Amazon. In this example, we have a set of disposable cups. Initially, the main image didn’t provide clear context, leaving potential customers guessing about the cups’ purpose. 

This ambiguity can be detrimental to the click-through rate (CTR). However, the transformation came with two key changes. 

  1. The cups were given a clear context by clearly stating their intended usage in the main image. 
  2. The quantity was made explicit by adding a 100-count’ label in the middle of the image. These modifications resulted in a transformed listing that is now crystal clear in its offering, ready to attract and convert customers.
Disposable Cup Improve CTR 1
Disposable Cup Improve CTR 2

Improve CTR - Highlight Product’s Key Points in Main Image

In the case of a 14″ thick mattress, emphasizing the thickness on the image can convey a sense of luxury and opulence, capturing the attention of potential buyers. Adding a “Made in the USA” label taps into a sense of patriotism, appealing to customers who prefer products manufactured domestically. 

Furthermore, highlighting the cooling gel feature with a label can attract customers who prioritize comfort and temperature regulation during sleep. By showcasing these key points prominently, such as by tattooing them onto the mattress in the image or featuring them on a glamorous box, the product’s appeal and desirability are enhanced. 

These changes can significantly influence purchase decisions, making the product stand out in a competitive market.