A+ Content should be big, really big!

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“A+ Content should be big, really big, the more space you take the lesser sales you lose to your competitors”

A+ Content Tips To Get Higher Conversion Rates and Increase Sales

Advantages To Help You Understand Why A+ Content Is Essential.
    • A+ content offers brand owners a way to engage customers and showcase the detail page with supplemental marketing content on their branded ASINs. 
    • Using the A+ Content Manager lets you describe your product features differently such as highlighting aspects of your brand with the A+ brand story features or deep diving into product feature information with the enhanced product description

What Is Amazon A+ Content? Here’s Everything You Need to Know:

A+ content offers brand owners a way to engage customers and showcase the detail page with supplemental marketing content on their branded ASINs.  Adding A+ content to your product detail pages may result in higher conversion rates to increase sales, reduce negative reviews by highlighting product features, and increase discoverability when paired with ads, deals, or coupons. A+ content allows brand owners to answer their customer’s most common questions by providing relevant brand and product-related details. This information can help drive more rapid purchase decisions and reduce the likelihood of having products returned. A+ Content should be extensive and huge; the more space you take, the fewer sales you lose to your competitors 
  • Use big photos 
  • 500 words of crawlable text for SEO 
  • Every photo has 100 characters of keywords for indexing
Take up more space to take away from competitors and other Amazon elements that won’t benefit you
500 words of crawlable text for Amazon Seller Central management.
Crawlability is when a search engine can read and scroll the content (text) on a webpage. By embedding search terms in all crawlable areas on an Amazon product detail page, your chances of obtaining additional indexing, ranking, traffic, and sales will be higher. 

Is A+ Content on Amazon Indexed?

As of now, no update confirms that Amazon indexes the A+ content. However, text and images in the A+ content are indexed by Google. This helps your product appear in Google search results. 
  • Get additional keywords to index by utilizing alt text
  • Use 100 characters per image
  • Utilize different keywords per image
  • Do not use prohibited keywords 
Amazon A+ Content Brand Sory 
  • Displayed on the product detail page, above the EBC 
  • Horizontally scrolling, it is a carousel of modules with text and images. Use it to inform customers about your brand and highlight products. 
Benefits of Using A+ Content  In order to succeed as an Amazon seller, you have to have a competitive edge. This is why A+ Content plays a significant role.  
  • The main aim of A+ content is to increase your conversion rate and boost your product sales. 
  • It gives an edge to persuade your customers to buy your product by providing a better understanding.
  • It gives sellers an extraordinary chance to distinguish their items from related versions sold by competitors. Earlier, sellers experienced a big challenge for differentiation because the guidelines from Amazon were limited.
A+ content is also available for emerging brand owners who have been approved for certain managed-to-sell programs, such as Launchpad and Amazon Exclusives. If you have registered your brand but still do not have access to A+, contact Brand Registry.

Key Takeaway:

  • Use A+ Content to showcase your brand and product features on Amazon product detail pages. Dive into features with technical specs, comparative product info, and additional rich content that includes images, videos, or product set-up. 
  • Run A/B tests to optimize for conversion using our Manage Your Experiments tool. Over the last year, thousands of sellers have used both to help maximize product listings. Adding A+ content to the detail pages can help increase sales by an average of 5.6%
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