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LAUNCH ANNOUNCEMENT: Sponsored Brands video (US)

Shoppers will find relevant, keyword-targeted, auto-playing video ads in a below-the-fold slot in the search results on Android mShop, iOS mShop, mWeb, Tablet, and Desktop in the US. Advertisers can launch SB+V campaigns and optimize their CPC bids, modify targeted keywords, and access performance reports. Shoppers will benefit from being able to watch relevant videos right in the Amazon search experience to understand the benefits and features of products as they shop on Amazon.

Here at My Amazon Guy we have seen Video costs be really high. Only big ad spenders will likely find benefit to creating high funnel awareness. ACOS will be extreme.

See Amazon’s full announcement here: https://advertising.amazon.com/resources/ad-specs/en/sponsored-brands-video

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If you are experiencing video quality issues, we try rendering your video at 1080p resolution with bit rate of 12 Mbps, using 29.97 fps frame rate (not 30 fps) – 29.97 fps is what amazon calls “Native frame rate of content” (source):

Video and Audio Specifications

Video Specifications
Video codec H.264
Container .MP4 or .MOV
Minimum bit rate 10 Mbps
Display aspect ratio 16:9
Resolution 1920 x 1080 px
Scan type Progressive
Frame rate Native frame rate of content (23.976fps, 24fps, 25fps, 29.97fps)
Audio Specifications
Audio codec PCM or AAC
Audio format Stereo
Minimum audio bit rate 192 kbps
Sample Rate 48 Hz