A Guide to Amazon Product Bundling

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Methods for Using Amazon Product Bundling

Amazon Product Bundling is an Interactive and Creative Way to Increase Sales and Conversions on Products.
New Physical Product Bundle Method:(Creating a New ASIN for FBA)
Merchant Fulfilled Bundle Method:
  • Create a New Merchant Fulfilled Bundle Listing (As Instructed Above).
  • The difference here is you would not need to have the physical product in stock. This would essentially be a virtual or shell listing. Instead you can fulfill the merchant order using a Multi-Channel Fulfillment Order (MCF).
  • Each SKU which is included in the bundle could be shipped to the customer directly from Amazon using a MCF order.
  • Once you create the new order Amazon will ship the products directly to the customer, and they will receive their bundle.
  • This method is dependent on having adequate FBA inventory in stock. There is no way to designate or sideline products for any reason, so your bundle inventory count would need to be managed closely.
  • Please see the article below for further information on how to create a MCF order. (Though this article mentions eBay it can also apply to a FBM order, etc.)
  • https://myamazonguy.com/ebay/create-a-fulfillment-order-amazon/
Cross Promotion Method:
  • You can create a cross promotion on Amazon.
  • Buy 1 of Product X and Get Product Y Free/90% Off/10% Off, etc.
  • Buy 2 of Product X and Received 2 of Product Y 10% Off.
  • While this method is not technically a bundle in the sense of a combined product listing, See below for example of how promotion would look. (It appears towards the bottom of the product detail page).
  • We can create a custom image which outlines the product bundle promotion, and creates an interactive way for customers to be aware of the promotion and encourages them to use it. Thus increasing conversions and sales.  (See example of promotion look and type below)

Promotion Example

Virtual Bundling Program Beta Pilot Program (Invite Only)
  • There is rumor of a Virtual Bundling Program in which Amazon would create the product bundles directly with FBA inventory (without having to create a new listing).
  • This program is beta and invite only at this time.
  • You can attempt to ticket Amazon to get the account enrolled, but we have not seen any of our clients become enrolled into this program to date.
  • This will be something to look out for in the coming months.
Below is Some Information on the Program Directly from Amazon:

Getting started with product bundles

Product bundles are ASINs where 2-5 component ASINs are included, and customers can buy them all from the same detail page as a single ASIN, though the fulfillment and delivery remains separate. This allows customers to conveniently shop and discover a greater selection of complimentary products and products with discounts. Bundles can give brands the ability to provide discounts on a set of complimentary products and utilize existing inventory in Amazon’s fulfillment network to create more choices for customers.


Product bundles from sellers are presently available only in the US Amazon store.


ASINs need to meet the following criteria to be eligible for being added to a product bundle:

  • Only ASINs that are Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) are eligible to be included in product bundles
  • Product bundles can only be created with products that belong to brands that sellers own and have registered in the Amazon Brand Registry
  • Product bundles can be created only in the US Amazon store
  • The following products cannot be included in product bundles: gift cards, electronically delivered products such as digital music, video, and books

Number of ASINs

There can be 2-5 unique products (ASINs) in a bundle. However, for every unique ASIN, there can be more than 1 unit in the bundle.

Examples of eligible and ineligible product bundles:

  • Red pen (2) – This cannot be a bundle because there is only 1 ASIN.
  • Red pen (1) + blue pen (1) – This can be a bundle.
  • Red pen (2) + blue pen (5) – This can be a bundle because there are 2 unique ASINs. Note that the total number of units in the bundle is more than 5, which is acceptable.
  • Red pen (1) + blue pen (1) + green pen (1) + black pen (1) + orange pen (1) + purple pen (1) – This cannot be a bundle because there are 6 unique ASINs, which exceeds the max limit of 5.

Creating product bundles

Product bundles can be created from sellercentral.amazon.com/bundles/create or you can navigate by going to Inventory > Manage Inventory > Create A Bundle.

ASIN availability

Any ASIN that is included in a bundle should also be a standalone ASIN and customers should be able buy them independently.


Product bundles can be priced lower than or equal to the sum total of prices of the products in the bundle. One of the value propositions of the program is being able to offer multiple products as a bundle at a discount. The seller is responsible for setting the bundle price and for updating the bundle price if any component pricing changes. If a bundle price becomes higher than the sum of the seller’s component prices, then the bundle will not be purchasable.

Image requirements

We recommend the images be at least 500 x 500 pixels.

Bundle In ASIN title

We recommend adding the word “Bundle” to the title of the bundle ASINs.

Main component in a bundle

A main component can be any ASIN that is a part of the bundle ASIN. However, it is recommended to select the ASIN that is the most integral component part of the bundle as the main component since it will help determine the search and browse categorization of the ASIN. Bundle ASINs will inherit keywords from the existing main component ASINs. For example, a bundle ASIN with a TV and an HDMI cable should have the TV as the main component.

Editing a bundle

The following attributes of a bundle ASIN are editable after the bundle has been saved: title, description, bullet points, price, and images. However, the products that make up the bundle or the SKU cannot be edited once saved.

API/feed integration

Product bundles can be created only in Seller Central. There is no API/feed integration available.

Delivery of bundle ASINs

The products in a bundle may be shipped and delivered separately.


Customers will be able to find bundle ASINs through discover and browse.

Bundle ASINs and Deals

Bundle ASINs will have to meet all regular existing criteria Deals. For more information, refer to Create a Deal.

Reviews and ratings

Bundle ASINs have separate reviews and ratings from those of the component ASINs that make up the bundle.


Since all the products are fulfilled separately, just as if they were purchased separately, there are no changes to fulfillment fees. All standard selling fees will apply.


All reporting is available at the component ASIN(s) level for activity on product bundles.