Amazon B2B Pricing Guide

Once your account is set up for B2B, it can start to profit off some of the exclusive features for Amazon Business Sellers. Please note that B2B pricing is part of the Amazon Business platform. Your company must apply for and be approved by Amazon Business before it can take advantage of features such as B2B pricing. B2B pricing can encourage business buyers to purchase large quantities of your product at a discount. The discount tier and structure is set up by the individual seller.

Please note that Amazon Business pricing is only available to buyers who are registered through the Amazon Business buyers program which validates the business. 

How to Access B2B Pricing

The following steps will guide in the setup of your Amazon Business B2B Pricing:

  1. Navigate to the Seller Central Main Page.
  2. Place your cursor over the pricing tab on the top tool bar and then click manage pricing as shown below:

3. On your Manage Pricing dashboard, business pricing can be reconfigured. Under the business pricing field, you can set your standard business price.

4. Afterwards, you can then setup percentage/fixed price discounts for large quantity purchases. To get here, click Add quantity discounts under the business price header.

Pricing Models

Amazon business pricing uses two pricing models – Percent off business price and a fixed price off a business price. These pricing models are based on the number of items purchased, so a tier structure can be created.

Percent off Business Pricing Model

Please see the image below to see how the Percent Off Price Model tier could work. The minimum quantity equates to the minimum amount of items that would need to be purchased to received a percentage off. This tier can be structured in anyway or fashion. If more thresholds need to be added, click Add more thresholds right above Set prices. Once you are finished setting up your tiers, click set prices to engage the discount structure.

Fixed Price Off Business Pricing Model

Please see the image below to see how the Fixed Price off Price Model could work. In this model the seller would set the minimum number of items that would need to be purchased to receive the item at a discounted amount per unit as shown below.  Once finished with the model, click Set prices to engage the business pricing.

To learn more about Amazon Business Selling Accounts, please visit the link below.