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Hi I’m Steven, Founder of My Amazon Guy, a 500+ person Amazon Seller Central agency out of Atlanta, GA. We Growth Hack eCommerce and Marketplaces through PPC, SEO, Design, and Catalog Management.

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00:00 – My Amazon Guy 0:18 – Drive into Sales
0:45 – Item Rank
1:06 – Advertising
1:29 – New Launch
2:31 – Ad spending
3:04 – Acos Target
4:03 – Manuel Product Targeting
4:45 – Momstir Sellics Benchmark Report
6:52- Product Analysis
7:58 – Ad Spend Format 9:17 – Take Action!!!
9:42 – Free Report // Sellics 10:18 – Works in every category
11:20 – Thanks for Watching!!!
   Is your competitor’s CPC or CTR better than yours? Detailed benchmarks for over 20.000 subcategories on 9 marketplaces. Compare your KPIs against your competitors.
   Benchmark Your Amazon Advertising Performance Now Sponsored Ad Formats: Analyze Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands & Sponsored Display Detailed Score: Understand if you belong to the top 20% – or the bottom Compare ACoS: Are you too conservative?
   Understand profitability dynamics in your category Benchmark CPC: How much are others paying for the same click?
   Learn how to find the perfect bid Grow CTR: Do your ad formats outperform the market?
   If not, learn how to increase the chances of getting a click Improve CVR: Are your products more bought than others?
   Learn how to beat the market & convince consumers Join our Channel to get early access and say thanks to Steven Pope for putting out all the content:
   Steven also hosts a podcast with interviews from other Amazon experts. 
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