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How to Generate More Amazon Product Reviews with eComEngine’s Colleen Quattlebaum – Feedback Five #26


Product Review Strategies have changed a lot in the past 3 years on Amazon. Today’s guest Colleen Quattlebaum, Marketing Manager with eComEngine, will tell us how to get more product reviews while staying compliant. Feedback Five is their flagship product and you’ve probably heard about them. They also have sourcing tools. Market Scout. Pricing tools. Been around the past 13 years.

Monitor website changes with (Tool has alerts)

Amazon making it easier to leave a review. Frustrating for sellers who want to respond to negative reviews.

Stay white hat. Early reviewer program. Amazon Vine is on hold for 2 weeks. Use tools like Feedback Five.

Amazon Approved Product Review Strategies
How are reviews affected in the current environment (COVID-19)? 
Shifting to MFN from FBA. 
What are some effective and compliant ways to get more reviews on Amazon?
Safest way “request a review button” on orders page.
What are the benefits of the new Request a Review button in Seller Central?
Lot of unknown. Take 100 requests to get 10-15 reviews.

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Article from EcomEngine on Request a Review Button.
Amazon recently added a “Request a Review” button to the Order Details page in Seller Central, raising many questions for sellers. A clarification to the Amazon Communication Guidelines was also posted in November 2019. In this article, we’ll discuss both updates and what they mean for third-party sellers.

How Does Amazon’s Request a Review Button Work?
To send a review request with the Request a Review button, log into your Seller Central account. Go to the Manage Orders page and select the order that you would like to request a review for. Click the order to go to the Order Details page, and you should see the button on the top right side of the page.

When you click the button, Amazon will send a seller feedback and product review request (in the same message) to the buyer for your order. The message will be automatically translated into the buyer’s chosen language. You cannot send a follow up message to the same customer after the initial request has been sent. Requests can only be sent from 4-30 days after the order is delivered. Buyers cannot respond to the message. It’s worth noting that this is a manual process in which the seller is unable to customize the message that is sent to the buyer. Sellers cannot respond to these messages.

Great news: you can now schedule Request a Review automation using FeedbackFive!

Getting started is easy. Just activate the Amazon Feedback and Review Request Template with any campaign in FeedbackFive. FeedbackFive will then tell Amazon which of your orders to send the request for based on your unique campaign settings. You can set it once and forget it, as FeedbackFive will continue to communicate with Amazon via a secure and authorized connection based on the sending rules you select. Learn more about how to automate Request a Review messages.

Unedited Transcript

product review strategies have changed a lot the past three years on Amazon. Today’s guests will tell us how to get more product reviews while staying compliance. My name is Stephen Pope, and I’m the founder of my Amazon guy. This is the My Amazon guy podcasts. So I’m now joined by Colleen Quattlebaum, and she’s the marketing manager with E. Com engine. Did I say that? Right? Perfect. I was so worried about that. All right, well, cool. So I’m excited to have you on so before before we talk about how to generate more product reviews, because I know that’s what my my listeners are gonna care about. Can you just tell us a little about who you are and who you represent?
Sure. So again, my name is Colleen Quattlebaum, a marketing and business development manager. EECOM Engine and E com engine’s been around since 2007. So for those of you in the Amazon and e commerce industry, you’ve probably heard of our flagship tool, which is feedback. Five. So we provide a whole suite of software. Service is to Amazon sellers, but Feedback five is a reputation management tool to help manage feedback and reviews. You have an F B, a management tool for inventory management called Restock Pro, a sourcing tool for Ah Amazon Cellars looking to find products to sell in FDA. And that’s called Market Scout, as well as a new pricing tool called Smart Price. So
lots of tools, lots and lots of trains.
We’ve been around for about 12 or 13 years, and my job is really just to bring as much educational, valuable information to Amazon sellers. So speak with a lot of sellers on a daily basis. Our customers and other sellers as well thought leaders like you so
well, I appreciate that. Yes, So, um, we’re gonna be talking today about product reviews. So big, Big first question, kind of hard to answer concisely so Well, kind of dissect this today, of course, but how do you generate more product reviews on Amazon? I want to get those reviews up, so I get more sales. Of course. What are your thoughts on that?
Yeah, so it’s It’s definitely challenging, S. O. You know, there’s many, many different ways that you can get reviews, and my biggest advice is to do it in a white hat way that follows Amazon Terms of service always follow the rules. There’s a lot of black hat tax tactics out there, but the good guy always wins in the long run. So it’s just not worth risking your business to follow any black half tactics. So there’s several different ways. Ah, that Amazon has actually some approved programs that you can use the early reviewer program if you’re launching a new product. Um, Amazon Vine is also another great program that Amazon has out there. It’s temporarily on hiatus right now, just as of two weeks ago, based on the current state of the pandemic. So once that opens back up, though, that’s another great. You
have any insight on that, By the way, I’m like, I’m not sure why they closed it. I couldn’t figure it out.
So yes, So, um, I mean right around March 17th. That looks like it went, Uh, it’s been closed, I think, mainly just cause they’re focusing on, you know, just everything in the State of Pandemic focusing on really the essential Sure. So if somebody is registering a brand and tryingto, you know, join the fine program right now, that’s just not a priority for them. And
so Amazon Vine came out of, um, the woodwork. I don’t know. A couple months ago, we had almost unlimited access to it for, like, a solid month. And then all of a sudden, just one magic day. This was preceding the cove in 19 stuff. The March announcement. Um, all of our brands who hadn’t had access at that stage couldn’t gain access. So I didn’t know if, like, the vine program was just like, overwhelmed or something. But did you notice anything you know before the Cove in 19?
No, that’s right. Around mid March is when we started to hear that sellers were not able to enroll. Um, I mean, but you’re exactly right. It was only open toe vendors for years. Up until about December 19th 2019 it quietly rolled out to all cellar,
which is what always happens, right? They, like, quietly roll things out. They and never sent announcement. So, like, I I swear I spend at least 15 to 20 minutes a day just clicking on every link within Seller Central, trying to figure out what other you why changes have happened without fail two or three times a week. We find something, right? Like last week there was, too, and going on three advertising changes, right? They rolled out to new display functions. There’s like the really cool one, By the way, I thought was the custom image for brand headlines. Um, I thought, you know, that’s the biggest ad space you could take on Amazon, let alone on the entire web. Ah, and it takes up like half your mobile screen. So, like, we’ve never seen that much real estate get taken. Amazon didn’t even send on e mail out on that for a leg. I don’t even think they have yet. I don’t know if you’ve noticed one or not, but
no, I haven’t seen any communication on that. There is a tool called Wash Eddie or what, Teddy, I don’t know if you’ve heard of that, W c h e t e. And, um, it’s a great tool where you can just basically any website that you want to follow any changes that they have. So, Seller Central is one that if you wanna, you know, sign up for alerts any time to make a change, it will show you kind of the before and after of what they’ve done on that page. So any time that there’s a change will be alerted. So you don’t have to constantly scour that page.
Yeah, that’s that’s That’s an interesting one. How do you spell that one time
W athe h e t e.