How to Track Amazon Sales from External Traffic Using Stores and Tracking Codes

My Amazon Guy

How to Track Sales on Amazon from External Traffic Sources Using UTM Codes and Storefront Brand Pages (without violating TOC using Amazon.com Associates Program).

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Here’s an example of a storefront sub page. I’ve made this UTM link in case any of you buy this product after clicking, it will track the conversion: https://www.amazon.com/stores/page/53EDB83F-0F7D-4211-B01F-1A319FE00068?channel=MyAmazonGuyDemo

To create a source tag, watch this video.

Steps below:

  1. Go to the store page in Seller Central

2. Click on Insights.

3. Click on Create Source Tag

4. Here generate the tag, add a word for the campaign in question, like “Facebook”