Email Automation for Seller Central: Feedback Genius vs Helium 10 vs Feedback Whiz vs FeedbackZ

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Email Automation for Seller Central: Feedback Genius vs Helium 10 vs Feedback Whiz vs FeedbackZ

There are many automated email tools for seller central which can make it difficult to choose the right one. I will cover the pros/cons of each tool. There are two main things to look at when choosing your tool. Template creation and campaign settings. Template creation is how you will construct your message while campaign setting is how you will deliver your message. Below are the 4 most popular automated email tools ranked from worst to best, top to bottom.

  • Feedback Z
  • Feedback Genius
  • Helium 10’s Followup
  • Feedback Whiz

FBZ (FeedbackZ) is slightly weaker than the other tools as the template creation is very limited and dull. There are only a total of 10 variables that you can insert into your template. This limits the customization and personalization of your message and makes the email feel robotic. The campaign settings are standard, allowing you to target only orders and returning customers.

FBZ pricing is above average for a below average performance. email automation

Feedback Genius:
Seller Labs FBG (Feedback Genius) was one of the first automated email tools to reach the market and set the standard for automated emails. FBG is like the average Joe when compared to other tools. It’s not the best-automated tool but its not the worst.

You are given a good amount of variables in template creation to customize and personalize your email. This allows you to add images, address the product purchased, address order ID, link to leave a review, etc. However, campaign settings are limited. You can only send a message to confirmed orders, shipped orders, out for delivery orders, and returned orders. Regardless of the tool, each automated email should have these template and campaign features.

FBG offers a free service if you only send 100 emails or less. Otherwise, the typical price is $40 a month.

email automation

Helium 10’s Follow Up:
H10’s (Helium 10) follow up is an extension to the Helium 10 tool. If you are in need of keyword research, product research, keyword tracking, profit tracking, and automated emails then I’d highly recommend a subscription to Helium 10. H10’s follow up is an above average tool and sits with the best.

You can customize and deliver your template message better than FBG and FBZ. The key feature of H10’s follow up is the target audience. H10 allows you to get more specific with message delivery by letting you target repeating buyers. By doing this you can send out an exclusive promo code to returning buyers.

H10’s free plan offers 100 emails per month while the platinum plan offers you 5,000 emails per month plus access to their other powerful tools.


Feedback Whiz:
FBW (Feedback Whiz) is the most powerful automated email tool as it has the strongest template customization and campaign settings.

The template creation offers 40 plus unique variables to insert into your message. A key variable is the customizable product title variable. With this variable, you can edit the name of your products to make the message less cluttered. Instead of having “Thank you for purchasing Mom Juice Funny Wine Glass Momstir 15oz Gift for Moms – Mother’s Day All Year Round” you can shorten it up to “Thank you for purchasing Mom Juice Funny Wine Glass”.

In addition to the standard target audience, you can target returning customers, negative feedback, positive feedback, and promotional orders. FBW lets you get specific with your template creation and target audience.

FBW is super affordable and offers an unlimited amount of monthly emails for all plans.


Note that on July 15th, 2019 all automated tools will not have access to Amazon Personal Identifiable Data (PID). This means that the buyer’s name cannot be pulled and used in email templates.

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