Effective Approaches for Unfreezing Bank Funds with Amazon: Resolving Seller Payment Challenges

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Are you an Amazon seller facing the challenges of unfreezing bank funds with Amazon? You’re not alone. 

When Bank Funds with Amazon Gets Frozen

Amazon has the ability to freeze a seller’s bank funds under certain circumstances. This can happen if Amazon suspects any fraudulent or suspicious activity related to the seller’s account, such as selling counterfeit products or violating Amazon’s policies. 

In such cases, Amazon may initiate a fund hold or reserve on the seller’s account, which means that the seller will not be able to access their funds until the issue is resolved. Fund holds can be temporary or long-term, depending on the severity of the violation and the actions taken by the seller to address the issue. 

It’s important for sellers to comply with Amazon’s policies and maintain a good performance record to avoid any potential fund holds or account suspensions. In this blog post, we will dive into the intricacies of the Amazon UK verification process, shed light on the reasons behind fund holds, and provide actionable steps to resolve frozen bank funds with Amazon. 

Let’s unlock your frozen funds and put you back in control of your Amazon business.

1. Understanding the Account Reactivation Process:

When faced with a payment hold due to frozen bank funds with Amazon, reactivating your account is the crucial first step. By filing an appeal, you initiate the process to regain access to your funds. However, it’s important to ensure that your business information aligns with Amazon’s records, as discrepancies can trigger the verification process. We’ll explore the significance of VAT compliance and how it impacts fund holds.

Watch this video featuring our CEO, Steven Pope, wherein he elucidates the employment of a comprehensive plan of action and root cause identification to effectively appeal an account suspension to Amazon. The video can be accessed through the following link:

2. Resolve Frozen Bank Funds with Amazon using Loom Videos and Supporting Evidence

To enhance your communication with Amazon support, incorporate Loom videos in your emails. This visual approach grabs attention and increases the likelihood of manual review by the support team. Additionally, attaching relevant screenshots can provide further clarity and prompt personalized responses, moving beyond automated bot replies.

3. Navigating the Verification Process to Resolve Frozen Amazon Funds

Gathering the requested documents is crucial during the verification process. Pay close attention to ensure that your name and address on the documents match Amazon UK’s records precisely. Be prepared for potential document resubmissions and maintain a recordkeeping system to document your interactions with Amazon for future reference.

Here is another video from Steven where you’ll learn more about Amazon’s seller re-verification process:

4. Overcoming Disbursement Holds

Even after your account has been verified, you may encounter disbursement holds by the payments team. Seek detailed explanations for the frozen bank funds with Amazon and request immediate resolution. Highlight the absence of recent sales in the marketplace to demonstrate zero liability, urging Amazon to waive any unnecessary 90-day fund retention policies.

5. Effective Communication and Recordkeeping

Proactivity is key when resolving payment issues like frozen bank funds with Amazon. Maintain regular communication with Amazon support, even if it means receiving auto responses initially. By staying persistent and documenting all interactions, you create a paper trail that can be invaluable in navigating complex situations.

Unfreeze Bank Funds with Amazon Levels of Amazon Seller Support


Frozen bank funds with Amazon can be a significant setback for sellers, but with the right strategies, you can unfreeze your bank funds and resume your business operations smoothly. By understanding the account reactivation process, leveraging Loom videos and supporting evidence, navigating the verification process, and communicating effectively with Amazon, you can overcome payment issues and regain control of your funds. Remember, persistence and thorough recordkeeping are essential throughout the process. Stay proactive, advocate for your business, and ensure a successful resolution.


We hope this blog post has provided you with valuable insights and actionable steps to resolve payment issues with Amazon. Unleash your frozen bank funds with Amazon and get back to growing your business with confidence!

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