How To Locate Seller Notifications In Seller Central On Amazon

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This is information or means of communication directly from Amazon to you as a seller on Amazon. The Amazon performance notification is the means by which Amazon communicates with its sellers. There are different reasons why Amazon would want to and have to communicate with individual sellers and these include messages of suspension from Amazon, category approvals, pricing issues, listing Deactivation and many more. It is important to always keep an eye on the notifications and make sure you know and pay attention to the notifications and respond to them when you are needed to. This makes sure your account is secure. You are on the good side of things.

Most times, these notifications come with emails, but if you have not noticed by now, Amazon emails go to spam on your email and you might never get to find them and that is definitely not going to be their fault if something negative happens to the account. If you want to be on the safer side, you must always check your notifications page and make sure you know there is nothing there you haven’t paid attention to.

Now the main problem is, many people don’t even know this exists and even when they do, they don’t know where it is. This might be a big problem because you might end up being suspended and they won’t even know why they were. This is something you are supposed to go to everyday as routine to make sure you don’t miss a thing and yet you don’t know it is there.

How To Locate Seller Notifications In Seller Central On Amazon


Step 1: Visit The Homepage or Go to This Link

Of course, you should be conversant with your home page and you should be able to access this anytime.

Step 2: Find And Check The Notification Flag

This is how you tell if you have a new notification or not. This is the most important because if you can’t tell, you definitely won’t be able to attend to the notifications. The notifications flag usually has a number by it, if this is the case, then you have a notification and you should click. If there is not a number, then you don’t have any notifications.

Step 3: Visit Previous Notifications

It is possible you could have missed important notifications which might have been very important. It is important you form the habit of checking your old notifications for any new notifications you may have missed or not read and just dumping them into the read notification list. To attend to this simply go back to your seller central home page and hover your mouse on the performance tab. This tab carries a lot of options and in these options is performance notification. Click it to see your past notifications and read them to see if you missed anything.


Selling on Amazon is great but you need to make sure you are always available to Reach when Amazon wants to communicate with you. They want to serve their customers best and if you are going to sell on their platform, you should also be at your best.