How to Renew Software Application Authorization that is About to Expire on Amazon Seller Central

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There are many third-party services that can be utilized to increase sales on Amazon. These third-party services often require access to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) of your account. This is usually done during the initial setup of the service. However, the authorization granted has a time limit and is set expire every year. This is why you will often receive a message from certain third-party services asking to renew their software application authorization to your account.

To renew authorization, follow these steps:

#1 – Log into Admin account on Seller Central and hover your cursor over “Settings”, then click on “User Permissions”

seller central software application authorization

#2 – Scroll down to “Third Party Developer and Apps” and click “Visit Manage Your Apps”

third party manage apps amazon web services how to


#3 – Find the Third-Party Service that needs Authorization Renewal and on the right-hand side click “Renew”

click renew software authorization renewal application app

#4 – Verify the third-party service and click “Renew”

renw verify submit application seller central amazon third party


#5 – The “Authorization Date” next to the third-party service that you renewed will update with the current date as confirmation that the renewal has been submitted. The new expiration date will be a year later.


And that is all you need to do to renew the software application authorization for any third-party service who you have granted access to your account.


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